Movement is crucial to playing good doubles. Yet in most doubles matches, usually you see only one player moving for the ball. The others stay glued to their spots, waiting for the ball to be hit to them. In good doubles, however, if you're standing still for two shots in a row, you've probably committed a serious error. But before you go running all over the court, you have to know how to move. You can always tell a good doubles team by the way it moves together.The partners always stay about 10 to 12 feet apart; they're moving to the left together, to the right together, up to the net together, back to cover lobs together. You know the feeling you get when you're a good doubles team? It's like you're tied to your partner with a rope wherever the two of you go,it's always in sync.Take a look at a team that's not effective and the only time they're together is to shake hands at the end of the match.You really can take advantage of a team that doesn't move in tandem.